Presentation Slides and Handouts

Here are the slides and handouts that were provided by presenters. If a presentation or handout is not here, it is because we did not receive it from the presenter to share.

Wednesday, December 6 – Sector Day


Francophone Sector Day

IILE Sector Day

LBS Sector Day

PLAR Sector Day

PSW Sector Day

Summer School Sector Day

Thursday, December 7 – Conference Day

Equity Committee presentation


Session A

A2: Translating Positive Trends in Indigenous Culture-Based Education to Adult Correctional Education – John Playford

A3: An Innovative Model to Improve Employment Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities – Aleksandra Popovic & Jennifer Dewar

A4: Artificial Intelligence in Education: Adapting to the Revolution – Daniel Dubé

A5: Empowering Student Success: Navigating Pathways to Skilled Trades – Deborah De Melo & Becky van Mil

A6: PLAR 101 for New Assessors – Andrea Murphy

A7: Personal Stories of Transformation: Embracing Change Through School Board PSW Programs – Anita Plunkett

Session B

B1: Central PLAR Programming for Secondary Students: One School Board’s Model – Greg Carruthers

B2: Continuing Education Funding: Tips of the Trade – Deborah Cook & Namita Aggarwal

B3: Building Partnerships for Strong Programs and Supported Communities – Angela Parkin & Leah Rondeau

B4: Resolved Trauma vs. Unresolved Trauma: A Story of One Indigenous Family – Katie Maracle & Karlene Powless

B5: Collaborative Knowledge Building: Supporting eTeacher PD Through OeLC – Jon Proctor & Lisa Buce

B7: Selecting Teaching Resources with an Equity Lens – Rabia Khokhar

Session C

C1: Uprooted: Grounding Instruction in Indigenous Worldviews – Julie Harmer & Catherine Rodger

C2: Beyond Drugs: Understanding Problematic Substance Use Through a Trauma Informed Lens – Amanda Neilson

C3: Let’s Create! Integration of Executive Functioning Skills Using Arts & Technology: A Hands-on Workshop – Megan Deresti

C4: Marketing and Monitoring: A Novel Approach to A&CE Visibility and Performance Measurement – Alison Chornobaj & Lisa Newton

C5: Transforming a Struggling Adult High School in a Post-COVID Environment – Eric Dallin

C6: The Balanced Life: How to Move from Striving to Thriving – Sarah-Jane VandenBerg

C7: A Welcome Kit for Online Learners – Chantal Picard