Final Diploma Requirement for PLAR for Mature Students, including the “Final Four”

  • Principals will determine, at their discretion, the number of hours of community involvement activities that a mature student who is working towards the OSSD under Ontario Schools may have to complete (between 0 and 40).
  • A minimum of four Grade 11 and 12 credits MUST be earned by taking the necessary courses (with the exception of those who present evidence of an accredited Canadian post secondary diploma and/or degree).
  • The final four courses and any other outstanding coursework is to be determined by the principal following the senior equivalency process.
  • OSSD/SSGD requirements under OSIS (1989) and Circular H.S.1 (<1984) may be found in APPENDIX 1 Summary of Diploma Requirements, 1974 to 1999
  • The fourth compulsory credit: Computer Studies, Science, Technological Education, or Math, Grade 11 or 12 is open to substitution.
  • College delivered dual credit courses may not be used as a substitution for a compulsory credit.
  • All compulsory English courses may be used to satisfy the Grade 11/12 English compulsory requirements (e.g. OLC, NBE, etc.). Students may count a maximum of three credits in ESL or ELD towards the four compulsory credits in English. The fourth credit must be for a Grade 12 compulsory English course.
  • Students may receive only one credit for Grade 12 Advanced Learning Strategies, either for GLS4O or for GLE4O.