School Board Membership

CESBA membership is open to publicly funded school boards across Ontario (English public, English Catholic, French public and French Catholic). We currently have about 60 member school boards. Membership is at the school board level and rates are determined by the overall budget of each school board. A&CE staff of a paid member board do not require individual membership to access our events and resources.

Membership is renewed annually. Information about renewal is sent out each year to all current members in good standing. Questions about renewing your membership or updating member information in our membership database can be sent to

About CESBA Membership

We are committed to supporting adult and continuing education program initiatives and advocating for the vital work of our membership.

Full membership is available to all Ontario public school boards that deliver adult, alternative and continuing education programs.

Membership fees are calculated by overall school board budget size and are paid on an annual basis. The membership year runs from April 1st to March 31 of the following year.

Membership Benefits

  • Free professional development and training opportunities for staff.
  • Opportunities to join A&CE sector-specific committees to share knowledge, tools and best practices to support learners and stay informed about ministry initiatives
  • Support from CESBA to help promote school board-run A&CE programs
  • Updates on issues pertaining to adult and continuing education (A&CE) via regular emails and electronic news bulletins
  • Engage in free online learning through webinars.
  • Access to a diverse library of free A&CE resources and tools
  • Participation in conferences (additional member rate) and regional meetings (free at least twice a year) to connect with other A&CE staff across the province through networking and opportunities to present at these events
  • Opportunities to engage in A&CE policy and advocacy-related issues through connections with leaders and decision makers in the public, private and non-profit sectors
  • Attendance at the CESBA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and full voting rights to elect members to stand in CESBA’s Board of Directors

How to join CESBA

Interested in joining CESBA as a new member board?
Send an email to to get started!