CESBA Committees

CESBA committees are comprised of administrators from member boards who wish to work closely with CESBA staff and Board of Directors to provide leadership and strategic direction in a range of capacities. Our committees organize events, develop and highlight needed resources, and identify procedures and regulations implemented by funding bodies.

Addresses membership needs in the adult secondary school credit programs of Ontario school boards, and in the implementation and delivery of Prior Learning Accreditation & Recognition (PLAR) for Mature Students programs with the goal to provide advice, identify resources and offer support.

Provides mentorship, training and resources to A&CE administrators who have less than three years of experience in their role.

Organizes the annual conference with CESBA staff. For more than 20 years, the annual CESBA Conference [link to conference page] has offered a wide range of professional networking and learning opportunities to inform and inspire exemplary practice in A&CE across Ontario.

Provides direction for CESBA project work to support ESL/FSL and LINC/CLIC programs offered by school boards and organizes events, training and resources for ESL/FSL staff.

Advises on new programs, resources and training to improve service to Indigenous mature students in Ontario and Indigenous representation within A&CE staff and curriculum development. 

Addresses the membership needs of IL program administrators and staff by developing training, networking opportunities and resources.

Addresses the unique needs of French-language member boards. Assists CESBA with the planning of French events, networking opportunities, training and resources. 

Addresses membership needs in public school board LBS programs across Ontario, including training and resources in the field, and advises on the distribution of provincial funding to support school board LBS programs.

Addresses the unique needs of the 16 North Region member school boards.

Organizes training and resources for members who use the Ontario School Information System (OnSIS), the data collection platform on the Ministry of Education, and track funding info for their school boards.

Ensures that PSW accreditation standards are met across public boards who offer PSW programs. Organizes training, resources and networking for PSW program members and liaises with three provincial government ministries.

I decided to join a CESBA committee to encourage more communication between the various Ministries and our boards of education. I feel strongly that our boards need a voice to share their concerns, accomplishments and ideas with the ministries that fund our programs, and I see CESBA as a strong vehicle to achieve this. Our committees also work to create safe and supportive environments to learn from one another and develop professionally. I feel privileged to be able to support my colleagues in this way. – Susie Nunes, Principal, York Region District School Board