Year in Review 2020 and Upcoming Projects

CESBA Member Highlights 2020

Our member school boards allowed us to accomplish many exciting things this past year, despite the challenges of a global pandemic and pivoting to virtual work!

Here are some ways that CESBA supported you in 2020:

  • Tripled our virtual networking and knowledge sharing events for you to connect even more with members across your sector, region and province.
  • Advocated for adult and continuing education (A&CE) with key government decision makers to explain how our programs offer multiple pathways to facilitate the diverse education and employment goals of adult learners.
    • Discussed Literacy and Basic Skills with MLTSD, Adult Credit with EDU, and ESL/FSL with MCCSS, as well as sector specific programs such as apprenticeships.
  •  Launched a new website with a large, accessible resource library and a job bank.
    • Our new elearning platform also launched with a PLAR 101 course for new assessors.
  • Held our first-ever virtual annual conference, Inclusion 2020. It was a great success, bringing together A&CE professionals from every sector across the province.
    • The conference inspired us to launch new equity initiatives that we will continue this year, including workshops and additional resources.

Upcoming Projects

We have a busy year ahead of us! Key initiatives include:

  • Increased PLAR and LBS online training. Following the launch of our elearning platform and PLAR 101, we are adding PLAR 102. We will also be adapting the previous LBS training course for the platform.
  • Expanded PSW support and program QA with the hire of a new CESBA staff member.
  • New committees to increase our efforts in key areas, including committees on Indigenous community support, mental health, apprenticeships, and online/hybrid learning.
  • More events, and a 2021 fall conference. Our events will continue to grow. We will have more sector-specific events and more workshops with an equity and inclusion focus.
  • Continued advocacy with senior government officials and decision makers to advocate on behalf of adult and continuing education.
  • A new Executive Director for CESBA as Bernadette Beaupre moves on to new adventures. Bernadette will be working closely with them to ensure a smooth transition.

We are very grateful for the support and leadership of our member school board administrators and staff who make our work in adult and continuing education possible.