Equity Series: Making Ally a Verb – Inclusion of Two Spirit & LGBTQIA+ – Links and Resources

Here are some helpful resources from the Two Spirit & LGBTQIA+ Inclusion workshop on March 9, 2021 with Mitch Borsc.

Video recording

Presentation slides

Resources referenced on the slides

Glossary of Terms – Rainbow Health Ontario

Gender Unicorn – Trans Student Educational Resources

Allyship – The Anti-Oppression Network

Two Spirit Definition – Out Saskatoon

Resources mentioned in the meeting chat

Gender: Your Guide by Dr. Lee Airton – Book recommendation of an “authentic and accessible guide to understanding and engaging in today’s gender conversation.”

Two Spirit Summary by Geo Neptune & Ryan Young – Matador Network

Jonny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead – Participant recommendation of a book about novel about a Two-Spirit Indigiqueer young man.

A Two-Spirit Journey: The Autobiography of a Lesbian Ojibwa-Cree Elder by Ma-Nee Chacaby – Participant book recommendation of a memoir about “enduring and ultimately overcoming the social, economic, and health legacies of colonialism.”