PSW Spotlight: Sudbury Catholic Grads in High Demand

The St. Albert PSW program in Sudbury strives to have a safe and inclusive learning environment with a focus on differentiated instruction and effective assessment techniques. The students from the 11-year-old program are highly regarded as competent and compassionate PSWs by community agencies.

Dawn-Marie Brunet, became a clinical instructor for St. Albert’s second cohort. Ten years and over 300 students later, she coordinates the program. In her current role, she teaches both in-class and placement components, and oversees the coordination of intake, enrolment and placements.

Students benefit from the many close contacts within the community that Dawn Marie has cultivated over the past decade. The students of the program are always welcome to do placements in Long Term Care facilities and a variety of Community Agencies. Students have also completed placements in our own elementary and secondary schools in the Sudbury Catholic District School Board.

Overall, the program is six months in length—three for in-class instruction and three for placements. The classroom is equipped with the necessary tools, including beds, lifts, mannequins, etc. allowing students to practice their skills on a regular basis. Students attend two facility placements and one community placement. It is the philosophy of the St. Albert PSW program that this continuity of care is essential in job preparation.

Each intake class participates in a job fair at the school. This provides employers with the opportunity to recruit new hires. It always includes a bit of a friendly competition to see which company brings the best swag, to try to sway the students. It is not uncommon for students to be offered employment during the job fair, which is before they even complete the program. PSWs from St. Albert are highly skilled and recognized!