New Administrators Day

Thu 04 Nov

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Please join CESBA online for the New Administrators Day.

If you are a principal, vice-principal, or superintendent who has been in your current position for three years or less, please join us for our virtual New Administrators Workshop.

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9:00 a.m. – Welcome and Introductions

9:15 a.m. – An overview of Adult and Continuing Education (1 hour 15 minutes)

  1. Welcome to this new world (a basic overview that will help orient administrators brand new to the A&CE) – Julie Bodiam
  2. Leadership competencies needed in A&CE – Julie Bodiam
  3. CESBA’s role and resources – they are here to help! – Julie Bodiam
  4. Wellness – James Dowhaniuk

10:30 a.m. Extended Break (45min)

11:15 a.m. – How to help students reduce their time spent in Adult Education and overcome barriers (1 hour 15 minutes)

  1. PLAR for Mature students – how it reduces the number credits needed
    • What is it?
    • Who are eligible?
    • How can it reduce the number of credits a student needs to earn?
    • What is the process for someone to earn or be granted grade 9 and 10 credits? For grade 11-12 credits?
    • How does it help new immigrants?
    • How does it help support your guidance staffing? (25 minutes) – Andrea Murphy
  2. PLAR programming and the impact on enrolment, student engagement, retention and time spent completing their OSSD (20 minutes) – Stacey Ritchie, Andrea Ellesworth
  3. Complex needs of adult learners (25 minutes) – James Dowhaniuk

12:30 p.m. Lunch   (45 minutes)

1:15 p.m. – Best practices and networking (1 hour 30 minutes)

  1. Best Practices (45 minutes) – Susie Nunes, Sharon Rajabi
    • Funding
    • Programming
    • Marketing
    • Networking
  2. Move to regional breakout rooms for discussion (45 minutes) – these will be topic specific based on the input of registrants. Experienced administrator/mentor facilitates each group
    • Meet and greet (30 sec. each participant), Discussion, Questions
      • Room 1: Registers, reporting and funding / Budgeting – Julie Bodiam, Sharon Rajabi
      • Room 2: How to make community schools, senior administration aware of Con Ed/LBS/ESL – Stacey Ritchie, James Dowhaniuk
      • Room 3: Networking by role for Principals and Vice-Principals – Susie Nunes

2:45 p.m. – Back to main room for closing and workshop evaluation – Paul Cox             

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