East Regional Meeting

Thu 14 Oct

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


12:45-1:00Zoom link open for networking
1:00-1:15Land Acknowledgement, Welcome + check in
1:15-1:40Ministry updates:  MLTSD (Umme Namdarkhan – ESL, Tariq Ismati – Employment Transformation,
Scott Ravary & Connie Burns – LBS) and IRCC (Adel Ghié)
1:40-1:55Breakout discussions on ideas for future Regional Meetings
1:55-2:05Update on two research projects on adult and continuing education
2:05-2:15Update on CESBA PSW work
2:15-2:25More CESBA updates
2:25-2:50Small group discussions • Credit/PLAR/Guidance • Francophone • LBS • ESL/LINC • PSW Administrators
2:50-3:00Evaluation, next meeting and adjourn