CESBA launches Literacy Basic Skills (LBS) Digital Literacy Curriculum

CESBA is pleased to provide the final version of its LBS Digital Literacy Curriculum. The curriculum includes:

Special thank you to:
▪ Angela Williams, Curriculum Developer,
▪ The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for funding this project
▪ LBS Digital Curriculum Committee Members: Constance Gibbings, Daphne Lane, and Karen Morgan, for their help, edits, and suggestions
▪ Monika Jankowski-Pacyna from Alphaplus for her information on accessibility tools and online meeting software and Samantha Branje at OSL Retail for her advice concerning mobile device basics
▪ TR Leger School, STEP Program for sharing information from the program’s Essential Skills for Computer Use manuals
▪ The Learning HUB, The Centres for Employment and Learning of the Avon Maitland District School Board for information about their online classes for the Suggested Resources Section
▪ Editor Alexandra Peace for her suggestions and helpful changes

We hope you find this resource useful!