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Here are the slides and handouts that were provided to share by presenters. If the presentation is not here, it is because we did not receive it from the presenter to share.

Thursday, November 24 – Conference Day


Beyond Reciliation: Taking Education to the Level – Riley Yesno


A1: TDSB Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement: Honouring Voices of Community – Karen Murray and Jeffrey Caton

A2: Why Doesn’t Anyone at the Board Know What We do? – Greg Carruthers and Julie Bodiam

A3: PLAR 101 for New Assessors and Administrators – Andrea Murphy

A4: Supporting Adult Learners in Credit Programs: Successes and Opportunities – Dr. Sandy Youmans

A5: Continuing Education’s Response to Labour Shortages: Two Examples from the Field – Andrea Ellsworth

A6: Financement et rapports pour l’éducation permanente – Vinod Gurewan, Sharleen Tang, Mike Clarke

B1: Prove It!  Performance Measures for Adult and Continuing Education – John Playford and Lisa Newton

B2: Funding and Reporting for Experienced Administrators: What’s New? – Namita Aggarwal and Deborah Cook

B3:  Reducing Stress through Effective Communication – Beverly Beuermann-King

B4: Moving from Kindness to Anti-Racism: Critical Teaching Strategies – Rabia Khokharco

B5: Pathways to Employment: The Gold Standard for Inclusion – Jennifer Crowson and Bernadette Beaupre

B6: Ta carrière t’attend ! Formations professionnelles pour adultes – Mélanie Keough

C1: Reconnect with Yourself to Reconnect with Others – Daphne Marsella

C2: Innovation in PSW Programming: The Living Classroom – Lisa Spencer and Scott Mitchell

C3: Getting Strategic with Data:  Our ‘Ajah’ Moment! – Ben McNamee

C4: Improving Access to Justice through Adult Education – Helen Anderson

C5: Servant Leadership in Times of Uncertainty – Julie Blackburn and Andrew Reddin

C6:  Santé mentale – Nancy Goyette

Friday, November 25 – Sector Day

Equity & Inclusion Committee morning presentation

TVO lunchtime presentation

PLAR Sector Day

LBS Sector Day

PSW Sector Day

DeafBlind Ontario Services – Kelly Patterson

Elsevier – Melodee McPherson

LIPHA – Raquel Meyer and Natalie Leventhal

Caring Support – James Smith and Joe Jogsma

Advanced Gerontological Education (AGE) – Olivia Mouriopoulos and Angel Wang

IILE Sector Day

Evidence-based International Languages advocacy, promotion and program growth – Lesya Granger

You belong here! Teaching multilingual language learners with an equity and anti-oppressive stance – Rabia Khokhar

ESL Sector Day

What’s new in Onyx? – Patricia Berney and Margaret Stasiak

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