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CESBA launches Literacy Basic Skills (LBS) Digital Literacy Curriculum

CESBA is pleased to provide the final version of its LBS Digital Literacy Curriculum. The curriculum includes:

Special thank you to:
▪ Angela Williams, Curriculum Developer,
▪ The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for funding this project
▪ LBS Digital Curriculum Committee Members: Constance Gibbings, Daphne Lane, and Karen Morgan, for their help, edits, and suggestions
▪ Monika Jankowski-Pacyna from Alphaplus for her information on accessibility tools and online meeting software and Samantha Branje at OSL Retail for her advice concerning mobile device basics
▪ TR Leger School, STEP Program for sharing information from the program’s Essential Skills for Computer Use manuals
▪ The Learning HUB, The Centres for Employment and Learning of the Avon Maitland District School Board for information about their online classes for the Suggested Resources Section
▪ Editor Alexandra Peace for her suggestions and helpful changes

We hope you find this resource useful!

EXPLORING LEARNER PATHWAYS: Meeting at the LBS/ESL Intersections – Final Report

The Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy’s (MTML’s) Exploring Learning Pathways: Meeting at the LBS/ESL Intersections project researched the learning pathways and needs of Anglophone-stream low-level Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) learners whose mother tongue or primary language is other than English. The project sought to contribute valuable front-line information and insights that aim to fortify a vital adult education priority identified by all three Ontario ‘learning ministries’, strengthening the coordination of services across the education and training programs serving adult learners in the province.

Authors: Stephanie Gris and Olga Herrmann

Access the final report here

Webinar recording: Using the Canadian Language Benchmarks to Improve the Literacy and Basic Skills Intake/Referral Process

This informative webinar will improve your understanding of the Canadian Language Benchmarks and how they can be used to support effective intake and referrals for ESL learners in Literacy and Basic Skills programs. The webinar will increase your awareness of how the Canadian Language Benchmarks relate to workplace communication demands and of resources that support ESL learners’ communication skills.

Originally presented November 2016 by CESBA and Community Literacy of Ontario.

View webinar recording
See presentation slides