Experienced Administrators – Program Mentor List

Experienced administrators contact list

MentorSuzie NunesFrance Chapdelaine*Greg CarruthersJeff MooreJulie BodiamJames Dowhaniuk
RegionCentralEast – FrancophoneWestWestWestCentral
Program size (# of Students) Medium Large Medium Medium Small Medium 
MODELS OF A&CEAdult Day School with grid teachers   
Adult Continuing Education Day School (hourly paid non-grid teachers);  
Correspondence / Self Study  
CREDIT PROGRAMSDayschool (6 week modules)     
Dayschool (7.5 week terms; 5 terms/year)     
Dayschool (12 week modules)     
Dayschool (9 week quads)    
Nightschool (10 weeks hybrid online)     
Nightschool (12 week modules)     
Night school (limited)   
Summer school (Day School) 
Summer school (e-Learning)     
Summer school (Travel for Credit)       
Summer school (Adult dual credit)       
Saturday courses     
Saturday language courses     
Correspondence (Booklet, marker model)     
On-line courses    
E-learning (marker model)    
Dual credit   
Child care assistant training      
Culinary arts      
Custodial services training      
Microsoft office training      
PSW (located in long term care facility, 2020)     
Raising heathy children program      
SWAF – School within a factory     
Young parent school program      
NON-CREDIT EDU PROGRAMSAdult help sessions    
Career link – Employment  Ontario     
Grad 7/8  Summer school     
Grade 10 OSSLT prep    
High school after school help     
IILE (Non-adult) International and Indigenous languages   
New parent support     
Summer school    
Lit/Num program; After school   
Lit/Num program; General interest      
Lit/Num program; Grade 7/8 in progess    
Lit/Num program; Headstart     
Lit/Num program; Homework clubs     
Lit/Num program; Low German Mennonite women     
Lit/Num program; Parent info night     
Lit/Num program; Sat skills builder      
Lit/Num program; Summer camps     
Lit/Num program; Summer expedition      
Lit/Num program; other